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1. Don't Disturb

Hash: D9ADD7B3EAEF7FF31990A5C3FC542DD01FB3AF50

In Asian folklore it is said that when there’s a funeral you don’t sing, don’t play, and most importantly “Don’t Disturb”! In the traditionally timid and reserved cultures of Asia how do people approach and accept the idea of ...
349 MB
2. Will of the Gods v1.0.203243

Hash: 0A32C84F60B3D6C77FFA63EA823FD450C7842090

Will of the Gods is an strategical 1v1 arcade game where players play as Gods, each trying to guide as many followers as they can to their temple, while punishing those who choose to follow the other God. It’s a game about tactics, skill and pr...
175 MB
3. Galaxy Golf

Hash: F4BABC8699D9F4FC023A26BE5DFBA8CADA4559D5

In a Galaxy far, far away… Ditch the golf clubs, because this planetary physics puzzler is like no other. Galaxy Golf has innovative and intuitive controls tailored to your favorite VR platform. With HTC Vive wands you’ll physically spin the planet, ...
179 MB
4. Flat Path v1.1

Hash: 48045FCBD3FBE47D5EBBF1D05293E470142ADDD7

Flat path – relaxing puzzle game in a minimal style. It combines two game modes, one of which will help you relieve tension and another will awaken your mind...
60.3 MB
5. Cogs

Hash: 427215D4ED5AC44E7607A330847EC0D265609E8C

Cogs is a puzzle game where players build machines from sliding tiles. Players can choose from 50 levels and 3 gameplay modes. New puzzles are unlocked by building contraptions quickly and efficiently....
44.5 MB
6. Winter Novel

Hash: 0692EA8F29712A6F17758C695AF272BFA74ECEC7

“Snow, dullness, depression. Constant dissatisfaction with work and superiors and feeling like there is no escape. Is this what life will always be? Perhaps… but I can always hope for change to be just around the corner!…” Sveta is a young bank inter...
1.45 GB
7. Wondershot

Hash: 36214A0B22C84F016410E23DC8663CF047CC23C2

Wondershot is a local multiplayer battle arena! You have only one ammo and one life to defeat your opponent. If you miss your shot, your ammo will be lost on the map and you need to pick it up without dying. You can play 1 to 4 players. Each round, y...
535 MB
8. Tabletop Simulator - The Captain Is Dead-PLAZA

Hash: e45ff721efeccae27d8350ba12542578803b8097

engines (aka “Jump Core”) back online and you win; but because there is a hostile alien ship trying to destroy you, that is easier said than done. You have an impressive star ship full of useful systems that will help you fend off the ali...
3.04 GB
9. Tracks of Triumph: Industrial Zone

Hash: 5B2221A4C83754D3CC8B9B13282FCABD8A2730A2

Tracks of Triumph: Industrial Zone is a cartoonish strategy game where the player is in control of a small shiny tank fighting it’s way through 25 different stages with a goal to clear each one by destroying all the enemies before they destroy ...
37.8 MB

Hash: 18B5E3B55DC8D7EC8F21FDA7C72EA5CA972574F0

Take a deep breath. No hacker has ever penetrated your defenses, but this foe is on a level you’ve never seen before. Still your employers will not tolerate failure, so you must protect your network from this invasion at all costs. DEADLOCK is ...
80.6 MB

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