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1. Calm Down, Stalin v1.0.3

Hash: FEE5213A9F4EBBAA40C93792D630F2E42FFA6271

Calm Down, Stalin is a game where you directly control your hands to threaten your enemies with nuclear weapons by moving your finger closer to The Button while signing important state papers, answering phone, dealing with your subordinates and most ...
242 MB
2. Osozaki 遅咲き Late Blooming - First

Hash: 11ADA354C3FE5C2FCA63823244AF1E08E17DE83B

As in real life, our efforts can have unintended consequences; in the same way, Late Blooming incorporates a modality of decision that requires a much deeper analysis than simply choose a girl and wait for the desired event. Many decisions will requi...
1.4 GB
3. Poly Towns v1.2

Hash: AA90B508F61FEAC3A46CF545C8538815E9D16F6B

What is Poly Towns? Poly Towns is a small town builder. Start with a single town zone (the map is divided into “zones”), then expand into a larger town managing your resources along the way. Upgrade your houses and resource buildings to m...
86.8 MB
4. Corona Blossom Vol.1 Gift From the Galaxy

Hash: DD644ED3BA053535B5878D412A60D1B9074ED4AC

“Corona Blossom” is a visual novel. (A kinetic novel, without any choices)...
1.94 GB
5. BalanCity Update 09.09.2016

Hash: F3A93D88943A0C93816FE029A1D8DEEBF0BE9C9C

BalanCity is a city building / balance physics game. It’s a mixture between old school SimCity and Jenga. You must build the tallest towering city over a balancing platform while keeping your citizens happy. You can build residences, offices, p...
73.6 MB
6. Baseball Mogul Diamond

Hash: 2D1EFA95B38D5276919F172DBA98895D31767AA3

Baseball Mogul Diamond...
468 MB
7. Space Hole

Hash: 56EE62D7D93C72B54CCCE0A8899ACE89C0138081

Warning: Please take caution if you have problems with seizures or similar issues! This game features many flashing bright lights! Will you enter the SPACE HOLE? Can you traverse the LEVELS? In the near future, humans discover the missing piece for f...
154 MB
8. SizeBlock

Hash: 2EE0F83315AC326A35CEEE39A81FFDC0B58DB545

Size block is exciting new puzzle game. Levels are represented as labyrinths with loads of traps, jigsaws and other challenges. The task is simple – just bring the cube to the final destination… However, that’s not that simple as it seems! Some of th...
48.1 MB
9. Zissi's Island

Hash: AF43511CE8B3B26BED13098EAF9CE05AAB59E854

coincidentally is about to celebrate her birthday. Of course, Zissi forgot it was soon going to be her grandma’s birthday so she didn’t get her a present and must now search the island for pearls to make her a pearl necklace as soon as po...
131 MB
10. Showtime!

Hash: 14624511052ACD890FB7DFA4D8464033B35E27E2

“Showtime!” will allow you to control and build your very own movie studio from the ground up! As a newcomer to Tinseltown it will be your job to create movies your audiences want to see as well as develop new technology to stay relevant ...
26.5 MB

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